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Shoalhaven Lifestyle Profile......

Shoalhaven – Experience the lifestyle at its best

Shoalhaven is not just one community, but a series of separate and distinctive settlements, which are linked primarily for administrative purposes.  Its various towns and villages (49 in total) were founded at different times and for different reasons.  Early established towns, such as Nowra, Berry, Milton and Kangaroo Valley, came into being as service centres for the surrounding farming districts and, to some extent, still fulfil this function.

The next major phase came in the period immediately after World War 2, when the freedom of movement given by the motor car meant coastal villages, such as Shoalhaven Heads, Huskisson, Culburra, Sussex Inlet and the like became popular venues for both holidays and retirement.

A third wave started in the early 1970’s with a demand for a rural style living for both leisure and as a permanent habitation for people working in the region.

The most recent trend is for growth based upon a combination of rural lifestyle and telecommuting. The age of e-commerce and the “seachange” phenomenon is having a marked effect on the northern Shoalhaven with respect to Sydney and with the southern Shoalhaven with respect to Canberra and Victoria.

Villages which were once primarily occupied by weekenders and holiday houses, are now increasingly the homes of people within the local work force, or those who are retired into the area.

A range of residential options exist within the Shoalhaven. These range from a typical suburban lifestyle through to rural residential and living by the sea.  The Shoalhaven’s affordable real estate means that the natural environment is never far from any residential area, and gives an atmosphere of rural lifestyle, which characterises life in the district. The area also has a wide range of retail and business service options, with most of the national retailers having a presence, offering products at metropolitan prices.


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